Lichfield Spires 41 Club

Reflecting the nature of Spires

Hopefully the photographs below will give you an insite into some of the interesting and entertaining events we have held since our formation.

Inspired Photos

These photographs have been taken  by members of the Lichfield Spires Club during the various Club events.

The quality of the photos varies as they have been taken on all types of camera equipment from low resolution Phones to Digital SLRs

However, it is not the quality of the photo that is important here, but more the record of the event and the memories that it jogs.

Photo Caption

The best caption for the photo below will be added :

Mr Trev to Mr D of Central Garage -

‘I am sure that there was something else with my Z4 when I brought it in for the service ?’

Mr D to Mr Trev -

‘Hmmmmm, let me think’

Courtesy of Nick M.